• BP - 27

    BP - 27

    Face of an adorable woodland creature, body of wood. Real hurky jerky.
  • Iirichi Ko

    Iirichi Ko

    An all-black bird peers at you from under her cloak
  • Pineapple Bees

    Pineapple Bees

    Karl Pilkington, but with whisps of clouds around his bald head
  • Alfnarr Bees

    Alfnarr Bees

    Bald on top, long flowing hair on the sides. Squat with glasses.
  • Brock and Basil

    Brock and Basil

    Twin thief brothers, identical
  • Dove and Biggs

    Dove and Biggs

    A couple helped by your group to reconnect
  • Gorgulis the Blue

    Gorgulis the Blue

    Creator? or at least previous owner or BP-27
  • Kurt Sparrow

    Kurt Sparrow

    A bardhawk, not a magic bard. He plays music when you pay him.
  • Mr. Dip

    Mr. Dip

    Drow, curly mustache, top hat, red coat with tails
  • Not Bintnen

    Not Bintnen

    Squat, yelly witch or goblin or hobgoblin or gnome. Crazy.
  • Rat King

    Rat King

    Dirty man covered in rats and bandages, super gross
  • Uncle Oolice

    Uncle Oolice

    A Big Loud Pigeon, related to Iiri